Loughborough is a great university, and you – our staff – play a huge part in our ongoing success. Your hard work, dedication and commitment have helped us to achieve the many accolades and honours we have received so far.

However, we are not complacent. We want to build on these achievements, consolidate our position as a top ten university in the UK, and establish ourselves as one of the world’s leading higher education institutions. To do that we need the very best staff, who have the opportunities, environment and culture to achieve the highest standards.

Our People Strategy

Our People Strategy outlines how we intend to make that happen. It encapsulates the initiatives, policies and support we will put in place for every aspect of your life at Loughborough.

We will

Support your professional growth, by investing in your career development through life-long learning
Celebrate our diversity and make respect and inclusivity at the centre of all we do
Offer access to resources, support and facilities that benefit your health and wellbeing and enable you to achieve a good work-life balance
Help you to become an outstanding leader who inspires others
Rewards and recognise your contribution to the University in ways that you value the most
Be an employer of choice, top of mind for those seeking new opportunities

Our key priorities

Our five key priorities are the framework for the People Strategy action plan:

A high engagement with professional growth, talent management and leadership excellence
An engaging and sustainable reward and recognition programmes
A diverse, respectful and inclusive culture
A focus on workload, wellbeing and resilience
An outstanding candidate and new employee experience

Our People Strategy values

Respect each other and celebrate our diversity

Recognise and reward excellence in our staff for their contribution and commitment

Be inclusive and value the views of our staff, students, alumni and partners

Respect the communities and environments in which we operate

Work together as a team with professionalism and integrity

Contact information

If you have any questions or comments about the People Strategy, contact:

Anne Lamb Director of HR Services

Ffyona Baker Director of Organisational Development

General Enquiries Human Resources